Traffic Offenses:

involve speeding, running a red light, or passing another vehicle incorrectly


If you were caught committing a traffic offense by a police camera in the state of Brandenburg you will receive a written notice by the central fining agency of the Brandenburg Police Department. Fines usually involve speeding, running a red light, or passing another vehicle incorrectly.


Schutzpolizei beim Lasermessenroad traffic control Included with the written notice from the central fining agency you will receive a login to access your case online (Login). You will be able to see the charge, view the relevant photographs, respond to the charge, and (if you wish) pay the fine directly. You will only be able to access the charge with the correct login information. Once the charge has expired, the login will no longer work. The point of these limitations is to ensure that only the person accused of the offense will have access to his or her charges.

The central fining agency is responsible for following up on and processing all offenses recorded by the state police. In doing so, the fining agency contributes to augmenting traffic safety in Brandenburg.


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