The Brandenburg Police Department

The Police Department of the state of Brandenburg is both efficient and friendly. Outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment, it has succeeded in gaining the trust of Brandenburg’s residents.

The department employs approximately 8,000 individuals who contribute to guaranteeing the state’s internal security and who are highly motivated to take on the quotidian challenges their work presents. The well-being and safety of all residents are at the forefront of all decision-making processes by the Police Department.

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How to File Charges Online

You can file charges on this website. In order to process your charges expediently, please file your charges in German. Please note that your report must be related to the state of Brandenburg, meaning that the crime scene, possible perpetrator or victim, or the person filing the charges must be present in the state of Brandenburg. If this is not the case, here you can find an overview of all Police Departments in Germany and the link to file charges.

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Traffic Offenses

If you were caught committing a traffic offense by a police camera in the state of Brandenburg you will receive a written notice by the central fining agency of the Brandenburg Police Department. Fines usually involve speeding, running a red light, or passing another vehicle incorrectly.


Included with the written notice from the central fining agency you will receive a login to access your case online. You will be able to see the charge, view the relevant photographs, respond to the charge, and (if you wish) pay the fine directly.

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